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If you are ready to take your career and earnings potential to the highest level, a Corporate Master of Business Administration degree can help you get there.  A CMBA from Florida International University (FlU) enables you to reach ultimate career goals, whether you seek the role of a key corporate executive or a successful business owner.

The FIU CMBA Online program prepares you to:

  • Effectively evaluate the financial position of organizations by analyzing balance sheets, cash flow statements and budgets
  • Develop and lead teams, promote collaboration and build teams
  • Identify ethical problems and choose appropriate resolutions
  • Analyze complex business issues and recommend sound solutions in local and global governments

FIU Delivers Online Flexibility -- Your Online Corporate MBA now has even more options!

Track A: For the student who needs a non-accelerated pace of study.

  • Take 1 class per quarter. Complete in 2 years, 6 months

Track B: For the student who likes flexibility in their studies.

  • Take courses based on your schedule. Start with 1 course, take 2 the next quarter. Complete in approximately 1 year, 9 months

Track C: For the student who wants to graduate sooner.

  • Take 2 classes per quarter. Complete in 18 months.

Both your time to completion and your financial aid will be impacted by your choice of tracks. Be sure and speak with an Enrollment Specialist today to determine which one is the best for you.

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Course Listing

Provision of tools for managerial decision-making in a variety of competitive environments including demand analysis, short- and long-run costs of production, demand for factors, market structure and competitive strategy.
Presentation of the nature, techniques and uses of accounting from the perspective of people who manage businesses and investments in businesses. Covers both financial and management accounting.
In-depth examination of asset, liability and capital structure management, with emphasis on valuation capital budgeting techniques; risk evaluation; working capital management; and methods of short-term, intermediate and long-term financing. Prerequisite: ACG 6026.
Review of the relevant quantitative techniques required for business analysis and decision making, including decision models, mathematical programming, statistics and forecasting. This is an Excel based course. Prerequisites: College Algebra, computer literacy and working knowledge of Excel.
This course covers analysis, design, and operations of organizational systems. The systems approach is used to provide a framework or general model of analysis, to which specific concepts, quantitative techniques, and tools can be related. The material presented has application to any organization of people and machines, including hospitals, governmental agencies, service organizations, and industrial concerns. Prerequisite: QMB 6357.
Analysis and application of theory and problem solving for marketing management in the global environment. Emphasis will be on the role of marketing in the organization; planning the marketing effort; management of the marketing organization; control of marketing operations; and evaluation of the marketing contribution.
Comprehensive treatment of analysis of financial statements as aid for decision making; looks at current state of financial reporting practices and impact of published statements on economic systems. Prerequisites: ACG 6026 and FIN 6406.
This course examines the environmental variables affecting international operations, trade and investment theories, international institutions, and regional economic groups. It also focuses on international finance, international accounting, international marketing, and international management problems and issues.
Aspects of strategic financial environment and management of firms that operate in a global arena; to include recent developments in financial strategy, international trade and economic decision making. Prerequisite: FIN 6406.
Introduction to information systems and their role in organizations from a user’s viewpoint. Survey and application of the basic concepts necessary for understanding information systems. Study of the main activities in the development cycle used to acquire information systems capability.
Individual, interpersonal, and small group behavior in complex organizations. Focus on behavior, its causes, and management interventions to improve organizational effectiveness. Research methods to study organizational behavior.
The use of cases, guest lectures, and gaming to integrate the analysis and measurement tools, the functional areas and public policy issues. The objective is to develop skill in broad areas of rational decision-making in an administrative context of uncertainty.
Examines current legal, regulatory, ethical, and political issues within the context of public law. Topics include employment, antitrust, administrative, cyberlaw, and contracts and tort.
Course emphasis is on application and integration of concepts and tools, through participation in the marketing management of a firm in competition with other firms. The course’s focal point is a computerized marketing management simulation. Prerequisites: ACG 6175, FIN 6406, and MAN 6501.

Professional Development

Three Professional Development seminars (PDS) are required in the first quarter of the program. Students cannot continue in the program without meeting the PDS requirement.

This Work Preference Indicator Assessment measures your interests in various aspects of your work. The results are designed to help you learn about your own preferences about your job so you can better position yourself to realize your own potential and goals through your vocation.
Being a good public speaker has a tremendous influence on your visibility, profitability, and industry leadership. In this seminar, you'll develop your presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control and poise - and without fear. You'll gain the specific presentation skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own style. And you'll receive expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations. Most importantly, you'll gain presentation skills by making actual presentations.
The mission of Career Management Services is to partner with, and provide extensive services to you as a graduate business student so that you can become an active participant in your own continuing development, evaluation, and implementation of your personal career plans.

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