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6 Specializations With the FIU Online CMBA Program

There are few more important decisions in a person’s life than the career they will pursue. Once a person reaches that decision, however, another equally important decision awaits: What school should you choose to pursue your degree?

A popular educational route for working professionals who want a higher salary and advancement opportunities is an MBA program. In fact, many opt for an online program because it allows them to fit their studies into their busy work and family life. Online programs also mean that students’ locations do not limit their program options. When location ceases to be a roadblock to the right education, the most important consideration becomes quality. It’s vital to choose an online MBA program that offers the best overall education to help you meet your career goals.

FIU Online

One school offering a prestigious online MBA program is Florida International University. The FIU online MBA provides students with rigorous coursework and opportunities to engage with faculty and fellow students. FIU’s MBA program will prepare graduates to become influential corporate executives or business owners.

The FIU online program consists of 14 core courses designed to give students a solid foundation in finance and business. To ensure students get the education that appeals to their individual interests, FIU also offers six MBA specializations.

To complete the FIU online program, candidates must complete the 14 core courses, or 12 core courses and two specialization courses (as well as three professional development seminars), for a total of 42 credit hours. Students who choose to specialize in International Business will complete all core courses. For the other specializations, students will replace two core courses — International Business and Global Financial Strategy — with two specialization courses.

6 MBA Specializations With FIU Online MBA

The FIU online MBA gives degree candidates the most thorough and current education possible in the specialization of their choice. FIU focuses on six MBA specializations:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In this specialization, students study the concepts and best practices of entrepreneurship. In the Entrepreneurship class, students learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur through case studies and group projects. The Managing Innovation class helps students hone their creative thinking abilities and highlights innovative approaches that can help companies create new products and improve established ones. This specialization is ideal for those interested in starting their own businesses or who want to play a central part in helping an established company grow.

2. Finance

This MBA specialization highlights asset and liability management and the role of financial institutions in the marketplace. The Commercial Banking class helps students explore the issues and policies that govern the management of commercial banks. Coursework in Financial Markets and Institutions provides an in-depth analysis of monetary instruments and asset management and allocation. While these two courses may interest any student pursuing an FIU online MBA, they appeal especially to candidates who want to go into corporate or investment banking.

3. International Business

This specialization provides an extensive overview of key components of international business, such as financial strategy, international trade, international management practices and international operations. In the International Business class, students receive an overview of the economic and environmental issues that affect global businesses. They also study international accounting and marketing management issues. The Global Financial Strategy class takes a look at financial strategy, international trade and economic decision-making. This specialization provides a solid foundation to any student who hopes for a career working overseas or with an organization that has many international subsidiaries.

4. Marketing Channel Strategy

In this MBA specialization, students study the approaches of successful omni-channel marketing planning and deployment and learn how to maximize the profitability of communication and distribution strategies. In the Omni-Channel Marketing class, students analyze the digital and physical flows of information and product innovation. The course on Supply Chain Management highlights the effective movement of materials, information and finances in order to secure the most profit. These courses will interest students thinking of a career as a marketing consultant, project supervisor or sales executive.

5. Strategic Negotiations

Students pursuing this specialization will learn to master the fine art of sales and business negotiation. In Sales Management, coursework and detailed case studies provide students with an excellent chance to learn how to devise and manage sales operations. In the Negotiations class, students study why being a talented negotiator is a fundamental skill in business, and they will learn the skills necessary to be an effective and persuasive negotiator. These courses appeal to FIU online MBA candidates who want an edge when managing high-stakes deals — or to those interested in dispute management.

6. Business Analytics

In this specialization, students study new developments in the field of management information systems (MIS). In Business Analytics Application, degree candidates study predictive modeling and develop the analytical skills to conduct pattern discovery and create predictive models. The course in Special Topics in MIS allows students to explore a range of MIS topics, such as business data visualization, office automation, computer graphics and more. This MBA specialization is ideal for students interested in becoming IT/management consultants or information systems professionals.

Florida International University strives to offer a range of MBA specialization courses that will appeal to all FIU online students. Whether or not you know for certain what career path you plan to follow, the variety of courses available at FIU is sure to give you the right educational foundation for your professional aspirations.

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