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7 Tips for Getting a Promotion

You have a new job at an exciting company that promises a healthy career track for those who are inclined to climb the company ladder. So, now that you have your foot in the door, how do you move up? How do you graduate from the tiny cubicle next to the noisy air conditioner to the corner office on the top floor? Here are seven ways to get a promotion within your organization.

1. Pay Attention

Be on time for meetings. Take notes. Listen to what your boss and your co-workers are saying. Ask questions if you do not understand something. Be present at your job. All of these suggestions involve investing your personal time and attention to your position, which, sooner or later, your boss will notice.

2. Show Up, Every Day

This may seem like an obvious tip for how to get a promotion, but your boss will remember that day when you showed up and everyone else took a "sick day" because the weather was terrible or traffic was awful. That makes you the dependable one in the office, and when your boss needs to assign a special project or needs to give someone extra responsibilities, they will go to the "dependable" one.

3. Get Noticed by Being Invisible

The noisy ones are always standing around in the break room, complaining about how the printer is always broken or how the company buys the cheap coffee. These are the employees who are more prone to complaining about work rather than simply doing it and moving on to the next project. Your boss is probably aware that the printer doesn't work and that the coffee is stale, and the reason for both of those shortcomings is because the company isn't making its projections for the current year. What gets the printer fixed? Completing projects and billing them out.

4. Hard Work Is Hard

Hard work is one of the more reliable ways to get a promotion. Your boss worked hard to get where he or she is in the organization, and likes to see that same sort of focus and determination in direct reports. While he doesn't necessarily want to see you working hard to replace him, he knows that your hard work is an indelible part of the team’s success within the company. Help build a strong foundation for success, and your efforts will be remembered during your annual review.

5. Always Be Constructive

There will be days when a project isn't going well, or a product isn't tearing up the marketplace like everyone hoped. Dwelling on the negative isn't going to build an atmosphere that will lift the company out of this its malaise. This can be frustrating, but it's not the first time a product has ever failed. Determine what did work, and strive to make sure that happens more often or more readily. Demonstrating that you can learn just as readily from your failures as your successes is one of the stronger ways to get a promotion.

6. Be Genuine

Smile. Make eye contact when you talk to someone. Ask about their lives outside of work. Listen to what they're saying. Dress like you're comfortable wearing the uniform of your profession. Be yourself, and that will invite others to be themselves around you too.

7. Further Your Education

While many of the ways to get a promotion involve excelling at your current job, it is those who demonstrate skills above and beyond their responsibilities that get elevated quickly. If you are the best spreadsheet architect the office has ever seen, then you'll forever remain the boss's favorite spreadsheet architect. However, if you show your boss that not only can you put together the most coherent spreadsheet but also that you can stand in front of a room and talk intelligently to upper management about the actionable insights gleaned from those spreadsheets, then you've just demonstrated that you have skills that could better serve a more senior position.

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