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A Look at Business in Florida

Looking to start working in Florida? There are amazing opportunities in the aviation, aerospace, defense, cleantech, manufacturing and life sciences industries. Graduating from an online MBA program will provide you with a diverse skill set that is in high demand within these industries.

Up and Away

Major industries in Florida
Airports are everywhere across the U.S., but Florida is one of the few states with actual spaceports — locations that service vehicles that go a lot farther than an Arctic Circle hop to Europe. Not surprisingly, the management of hurling a satellite out of the Earth’s atmosphere is more complicated than planning a trip to the mall in the family minivan. Employers in the aerospace industry like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Lufthansa are always on the lookout for recent graduates from an online MBA program who are eager to work in Florida.

With the constant upgrades offered by technology, planes are getting smaller and smaller as well. Unmanned Aircraft Systems are becoming more widely used to survey crops and inaccessible terrain, inspect urban infrastructure, and record events from vantage points well beyond the reach of normal film crews.

Making Things

With the availability of orbit-reaching vehicles at the spaceports, technology manufacturing companies are working in Florida to reduce the distribution cost of their products. OneWeb, a satellite manufacturing company, has recently unveiled plans to build 15 internet satellites per week to achieve its goal of global high-speed internet. Across the entire Floridian manufacturing industry, there are more than 19,000 establishments, employing more than 331,000 individuals. The manufacturing of aerospace parts, medical equipment and semiconductor and electrical components accounts for more than 40,000 of these jobs in Florida.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Florida’s defense industry is the fourth largest industry in Florida, and it recently posted nearly a 10 percent increase in economic impact over previous years (to the tune of around $80 billion). More than 194,000 people are working in Florida as part of the defense industry, and major defense contractors are looking to increase their presence in Florida over the next few years.

Everything from ammunition to encryption, biometrics to logistics, and electro-optics to traditional missile defense systems are built in Florida, as well as disaster preparedness systems and rescue and response technologies. Florida is home to 20 major military installations and three unified combatant commands, which means that the defense industry is never far from the customers that it serves.


As we strive toward technologies that reduce our impact on the planet, leading producers and researchers in a variety of “clean” production and power generation systems are working in Florida, and they are making everything from new solar energy technologies, biofuel production and new power generation systems, and next-generation fuel cells. Companies like Green Circle Bio Energy, Industrial Nanotech and Aquafiber Technologies are building the future right now — a future filled with nanomaterials, green architecture, reverse osmosis, bioplastics and hydrogen technologies.

Life Sciences

The state of Florida has been aggressively courting the life sciences industry, and it has managed to create a truly innovative hub of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. The state hosts more than 1,100 companies, with more than 46,000 healthcare establishments serving more than 700 hospitals and research centers. Industry leaders like Bristol Meyers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson and Noven are revolutionizing the fields of therapeutics, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, and diagnostic research.

Accelerator programs — a staple of the high tech and video game industries, incubators that provide early-stage startup companies with business mentoring and professional advice to assist them in bringing their products to market — are emerging in the life sciences market as technologies become more cost-accessible to agile entrepreneurs.

All of this is happening in Florida, a state that offers a highly competitive cost of living environment, robust online MBA programs and a superior quality of life for its residents.

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