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Now Is a Good Time to Earn Your MBA

Every job has qualifications that a candidate must meet, but more and more of those jobs are requiring applicants to have their Master of Business Administration degree. In fact, MBA jobs are steadily on the rise and show no signs of slowing down.

In 2015, companies worldwide were hiring MBAs at a higher rate than they had in any single year since 2003. Industries like energy and utilities, technology, and marketing are especially keen to hire MBA graduates.

MBAs Are Trained to Solve Problems

But what is so special about a postgraduate degree? Students are taught how to take a step back and truly assess problems and challenges — something many workers with only undergraduate degrees may not be able to do. These big-picture views allow for better analyses. Instead of simply solving a problem, those with MBAs tend to go a step further and address the cause of the problem.

Hiring managers and human resource directors recognize that MBAs are professional problem solvers who understand how to collect financial data and know the correct questions to ask. However, jobs requiring MBAs no longer focus on only finance and accounting. Sectors like healthcare and nonprofits also benefit from higher business education.

Companies Are Willing to Pay More for MBAs

Just as a college graduate generally earns more than a non-graduate, an MBA degree leads to a higher salary than a bachelor’s degree. Companies value the knowledge and credibility that comes with earning an MBA and are more than willing to pay for the accompanying expertise. In addition to higher pay, many people who earn their MBA while working tend to get promotions after graduation. Those who go straight into an MBA program after earning a four-year degree can qualify for higher-level jobs from the start, which usually translates to more pay.

Earning an MBA

The number of MBA jobs is increasing, as is the number of MBA programs. Unfortunately, not every person interested in the degree can attend a full-time program or go to class every night after work. However, there are now alternatives to the traditional school setting. An online MBA program allows a person to earn their degree with a more flexible schedule, absorb material at a comfortable pace, and even obtain an MBA in an accelerated timeframe. Many highly respected schools are now offering online MBA programs.

Every day, more companies realize that hiring more qualified people leads to greater success. This means the number of available MBA jobs has never been higher. Businesses want more employees with the critical-thinking skills, wide views and problem-solving skills that MBAs bring.

Today’s job market is competitive, but earning an MBA can be a way to gain an advantage.

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