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Online MBA Myth Busters: It Is Not a Real Degree

When weighing options for earning a Corporate Master of Business Administration degree, many future students never consider an online MBA program for many reasons. Online schools must fight the bad reputation tied to for-profit schools with questionable coursework and diploma mills that give out degrees too easily.

However, there are quality online programs from accredited schools that employers and recruiters hold in high regard. In fact, for many students, earning a degree online might actually be the better option than the traditional route.

It Is a Real Degree

Perhaps the biggest of the online MBA myths is that the degree carries no value. This could not be further from the truth. Top-tier business schools now offer their MBA programs online; instructors and courses are certified to ensure the programs meet the highest standards.

Online professors must be especially careful to communicate clearly, constantly assessing their teaching methods. After all, the assignments must be as clear as possible, deadlines must be met, and everyone must stay on task, even if they do work in their own time.

Professors Are Available

In a reputed online MBA program, the professors are just as available to offer assistance. And since students could be anywhere, oftentimes in other cities, states, or even countries, professors tend to make themselves as accessible as possible.

Many programs use video conferencing so remote students can have valuable face time with professors. The same professors often give their personal phone numbers so students can reach them for important assignments and deadlines. And, of course, there is email communication, which is vital for communication in the business world.

Employers Accept Degrees Earned Online

Every year, more people enter the job market with MBAs earned online, meaning more and more employers understand that in the present day, online education makes more sense for a growing number of job seekers.

What matters more to employers is the school the degree comes from. Is it a reputable institution? Is it accredited? What are its other academic credentials?

There are many myths about online MBA programs, but, with every graduating class, those myths are being debunked. What really matters is whether or not an online program is right for the individual. Traditional classrooms have their place, but when it comes to a graduate degree, online programs may be the better choice for some.

Earning an MBA online offers flexibility that is otherwise unattainable. And with a quality program, earning an MBA can be a reality for professionals seeking career advancement.

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