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How to study for GMAT sentence correction

If you're interested in enrolling in an online MBA program, it's likely that you will be required to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). If you're concerned about the verbal section, review this information about what to expect and how to study.

The GMAT verbal section has three types of questions. One of these is GMAT sentence correction. Typically, 17 of 41 questions on the verbal section of the GMAT are sentence correction questions. A typical sentence correction question will look something like this:

Like his brother, Mark's score on the GMAT was above average.

  1. Like his brother, Mark's score
  2. Like his brother, Mark scored
  3. As his brother, Mark's score
  4. Like that of his brother, Mark's score
  5. As his brother did, so Mark scored

You will be given a sentence with part of that sentence underlined. It is your job to select the best choice to replace the underlined section with the best grammatical option. In this case, it is option D. Option A will always be a repeat of the original sentence, so you never need to read it. In order to properly study for GMAT sentence correction, you need learn the strategies and rules and then practice.

It is important to have a set strategy for tackling GMAT sentence correction. Reading each answer choice and then deciding which is the best from memory usually causes people to fall for trap answers. It is important to group answers. For example, in our practice question, there are two different options for the ending: "Mark's score" and "Mark scored." Since "Mark scored" is not an appropriate subject, we can eliminate all the answers that have it (B and E). Grouping answers like this will help you go through sentence correction questions more quickly.

Learning the rules of GMAT sentence correction is also essential. This will help you determine which answer choices break those rules and thus which ones to eliminate. Unlike the other question types in the GMAT Verbal section, there is quite a lot of outside knowledge to learn for sentence correction. You can do this through a course or book, but either way, it is important to take notes. Evidence shows that people are more likely to remember things when they take notes by hand.

Once you have learned the strategies and rules for GMAT sentence correction, it is then time to practice your new skills and knowledge through practice quizzes and full-length tests. You can get quite a few from GMAC for free.  Practicing will help prepare you for test day by simulating your test-day experience.

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