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Take Time to Learn

You know that hard work, done well, takes time. If you are considering Florida International University’s online Corporate Master of Business Administration (CMBA) program, you know the importance of taking time to learn.

However, it is also important to take the time to learn and grow beyond the scope of a job or a specific educational program.

The Importance of the Five-Hour Rule

Some call it the five-hour rule, in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was in the habit of rising one hour early every weekday. He used that time to think and plan his life. He wrote down goals and how to achieve them. He thought through ways to conduct experiments. (Remember the lightning storm and the kite?) He used the time to reflect on lessons he had learned and what he could do better.

Contemporary business leaders replicate Franklin’s five-hour rule. Warren Buffet, for example, reads an estimated 500-600 pages of corporate reports per day, plus five newspapers. Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year; Mark Zuckerberg reads roughly 25.

As important as reading is to the five-hour rule — it is the best way to gather and evaluate information — writing and thinking are equally important. It is important to commit your goals and thoughts to a document, whether electronic or on paper, so you can keep a record of accomplishments and growth.

Learning Through Thinking

There are many ways to pursue learning on the job. One, of course, is to learn the elements involved in business leadership and ownership on the job. Another good way to learn is to enroll in an online CMBA program, where you will cover topics such as accounting or capital restructuring, so you can put what you learn into practice as you go.

A third way, is to think about what is happening in your business life during the first five hours of the workday. Many business leaders set aside time to simply think. Steve Jobs took long walks; while he walked, he thought. By simply thinking through what happened the day before, for example, in the context of your goals and experiments, you can brainstorm solutions and creatively solve problems. If, for example, you have been asked to improve customer retention, on some days you can read about methods for doing so. Perhaps you put selected methods into practice on other days.

A Program for Maximum Flexibility

Time spent working and time spent learning are equally valuable. A program like Florida International University’s online CMBA allows you to maximize your time. You study with Florida International University’s accomplished business professors, but you can study when and where it is convenient for you. With a flexible schedule, you can continue to earn while you learn.

You can complete the CMBA online program in as few as 18 months by taking two classes per quarter, or you can earn the degree in 30 months by taking one class per quarter. You also have an option to vary the number of courses you take in any given quarter.

Learn more about the FIU online MBA program.


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