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Traits of a Successful Business Leader

Never giving up. Trying again and again. Having a thick skin. Maintaining a positive outlook.

There are many traits that the most successful business leaders share. Sometimes, the people in charge can be quirky, brash or even intimidating. Other times, leaders may be humble, soft spoken or jovial. However, there are certain traits that all leaders share.

They Can Recognize Talent and Delegate Tasks

Good leaders realize that they cannot — and should not — do everything themselves. Successful managers and leaders take the time to discover others’ talents. They encourage people to develop their strengths and then they empower those people to flourish in their roles.

Successful business leaders do not fear the success of those who work for them. Instead, they embrace others’ abilities and help them assume bigger roles and greater responsibilities. In fact, the most successful leaders often improve along with their employees.

They Take Risks and Face Their Fears

It takes a unique person to be comfortable with discomfort. Successful people tend to dive into challenges and view failures as learning opportunities. They tend to thrive in situations that make most people nervous. They understand that with greater risks come greater opportunities to excel.

They Value Their Time

Great leaders tend to reach their goals more efficiently than others. If they want a postgraduate degree, they may earn it more quickly through an online MBA program instead of attending a traditional school. If they have a week to complete a project, they will figure out how to finish it in five days, or if they have a deadline, they will turn in their assignments early.

They Have Priorities

The most successful leaders usually have a clear vision of their priorities, sometimes even putting personal lives before work. However, they manage to get their work done because they are great at delegation and efficiency. They also understand that it is important for their coworkers and employees to have a healthy balance of family, work and fun.

Above all else, successful business leaders tend to put their employees first. They value their coworkers and understand that happy, comfortable people do the best work.

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