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What’s Ahead for MBA Graduates?

Before deciding to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA), including Florida International University’s Corporate Master of Business Administration (CMBA) degree, you need to become familiar with MBA trends. What, for example, is the outlook for MBA jobs? What can an MBA do?

Robust Outlook for MBA Jobs

The outlook for MBA jobs is strong. Eighty-eight percent of corporate recruiters plan to hire MBAs in 2016, according to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). That figure is even higher than the 80 percent reported the year prior and the 55 percent recorded in 2010, just after the recession.

The job market has been strong for the past six years, and both placements and salaries have risen in line with demand.

All business sectors saw rising demand, ranging from consulting (92 percent of businesses intended to hire), finance and accounting (84 percent), products and services (86 percent) and technology (84 percent).

The Chance to Influence the World

While the outlook for MBA jobs is a significant consideration, the long-term picture also indicates a number of MBA trends that may expand the scope of what you can do with an MBA.

Global social issues, for example, ranging from allocation of resources to health, require either management solutions or have causal factors that better management can solve. More MBA education could lead to improved solutions.

Business is also increasingly important to the public sector; indeed, governments often lean on the expertise and solutions provided by the private sector. Think of Apple’s ability to encrypt data securely, for example, and its refusal to de-crypt it at the U.S. government’s request. The issues around the interplay of government and business needs is an important MBA trend. This interplay is complicated and only likely to become more so over time. Sophisticated management will be necessary to address future issues.

Business is also increasingly important to improving standards of living across the globe. Innovation and entrepreneurship can better the economies of many countries worldwide, and business school curricula are responding to this trend by including the methods and processes for both.

Programs for Maximum Flexibility

A panel of deans from several leading business schools recently reiterated the importance of the MBA in the future for macro reasons such as the need for management to solve global problems, the rise of the private sector as a significant contributor to public issues and the role of business in advancing global prosperity.

The panel also addressed the issue of increasing access to education through online programs or programs outside the traditional MBA. One dean, the Wharton School’s Geoffrey Garrett, observed that existing buildings could not accommodate the rising number of people around the world who see an MBA as a road to the middle class and beyond, their own dreams of entrepreneurship and the chance to find a solution to global problems.

A program like Florida International University’s online CMBA allows this kind of access. Participants study with Florida International University’s leading business professors but maximize their time by completing the program when and where they choose. They can work while they earn a CMBA degree. The online degree maximizes their investment in a future where job prospects are bright and the roles for MBAs are expansive.

Learn more about the FIU online MBA program.


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