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Why Hispanic Professionals Should Consider an MBA

There is an unmet demand in the business world. In today's cultural melting pot, companies are placing greater emphasis on having a diverse workforce. That's why many employers want to hire minorities — specifically Hispanic MBA graduates.

Hispanics represent a steadily growing percentage of the population, and businesses value highly trained, knowledgeable employees who can help guide the business through changes while increasing diversity.

Hispanic MBAs needed in business

Why culture is valued

Along with the growth of the Hispanic population comes an increase in the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. Companies need Spanish-speaking employees in order to communicate with some of their customers. Therefore, they place a high value on multilingual employees, especially those who are native Spanish speakers.

An even higher value is placed on employees who understand Hispanic culture. That means companies that want to gain access to the Hispanic market are going to need smart employees to help them. And unfortunately, there aren't as many Hispanic MBA graduates as there are jobs available to them.

Float to the top of the talent pool

However, less competition is a benefit for minority MBA graduates. Once these students graduate, they are more likely to find higher-paying jobs right out of school than if they had just earned their undergraduate degrees. And since companies are actively searching for minority employees, Hispanic professionals with MBAs stand out among the other candidates.

Earning the MBA

When selecting an MBA program, many Hispanic students look for schools with high populations of Hispanic students. A school like Florida International University, for example, is one of the best MBA schools for minority students. More than 70 percent of MBA candidates at FIU are black or Hispanic.

Hispanic undergraduates generally discover that they are already in high demand in the job market. They may wonder if the time and financial investment in an MBA program is necessary. Considering the benefits of an MBA (the potential for a higher starting salary and faster career advancement) and the increasing demand for Hispanic MBA graduates, earning an MBA can be a wise choice.

Businesses in all sectors seek qualified minority employees for many reasons, and earning an MBA puts candidates ahead of the crowd.

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