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FIU Online Testimonials

THE FIU DIFFERENCE: Building Relationships

“I'm very excited about my prospects, because with how the job market has changed, having an MBA is very important.”

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“FIU means an opportunity for myself, my family, and my future.”

See how an FIU online CMBA impacts lives and careers for the better »

THE FIU DIFFERENCE: Real-World Relevance

“I wasn't just looking for an MBA. I was looking for something that actually carried weight in the workforce.”

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My FIU CMBA: Determined to Succeed

“My professors were working with me—so I could graduate on time”

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THE FIU DIFFERENCE: Passionate Professors

“We all seem to be very passionate about our subjects, and that makes a big difference—in the online environment.”

Hear from FIU faculty about their dedication to teaching online »

My FIU CMBA: Writing My Own Story

“I'm a better professional, having gone through that experience.”

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My FIU CMBA: Everybody Lends a Hand

“By [earning] my degree online and not going to campus, it really allowed me to still live my daily life and not have to give anything up.”

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THE FIU DIFFERENCE: Student-Faculty Connections

“They showed you that they cared, even when you were having difficulties. They were there to help you.”

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THE FIU DIFFERENCE: Spanning the Globe

“Meeting people online, we got to learn about our different backgrounds and cultures.”

Find out how an FIU online CMBA impacts the global marketplace »

My FIU CMBA: Opportunities for Advancement

“It opened up a new world to me in the business aspect of operations and accounting that I never would have gotten in my current position.”

Hear Steven's story »

My FIU CMBA: I'm Forever Grateful

“You feel like you are part of the class. I actually made better connections in the MBA program online than I did when I went to undergrad and lived on campus.”

Hear Giannina's story »

My FIU CMBA: We're Worlds Ahead

“These are opportunities and business relationships that I've been able to create, and I know I'll foster for [years] to come.”

Hear Marisol's story »

My FIU CMBA: Sarah's Perfect Fit

“I really wanted a program that I could take with me, and FIU provided that.”

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The FIU Difference: Our Professors

“97% of the faculty members hold the highest possible degree in their field.”

Discover what sets FIU's CMBA professors apart from the crowd »

The FIU Difference: Smart At Any Age

“Having my MBA makes me feel more confident to pursue not only a new career in corporate America, but also to run my own business.”

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The FIU Difference: Partner Scholarship

“A $10,000 scholarship puts a graduate degree within reach.”

Find out if you're eligible for a $10,000 scholarship »

The FIU Difference: An Online Revolution

“Since the Internet is available everywhere, I wanted to be able to take school with me.”

Discover the advantages of earning your degree online, while you work »

The FIU Difference: The Online Experience

“Getting used to an online environment may seem challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's very convenient.”

Discover the convenience of online learning »

My FIU CMBA: Making My Family Proud

“I really pushed myself and I made this a commitment—that I was going to finish this.”

Hear Monica's story »

My FIU CMBA: Ada's Journey

“Having a successful career and being able to provide (for my family) means a lot to me.”

Hear Ada's Story »

My FIU CMBA: Luke's Story

“I knew that if I really wanted to get to where I always envisioned myself being, that I would need to have an MBA.”

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